Car Valet Services

Every car gets dirty, it's impossible to prevent. GBM have the tools and experience to clean and restore your car interior, seats and boot carpets. Cleaning with our powerful, yet environmentally friendly cleaning solutions are also safe for asthma and allergy sufferers.

It will give your car interior a new lease of life.

car velet

Our mobile technicians can visit your home or place of work to clean your vehicle. Bringing your carpets and upholstery back to life, removing stains and eliminating all those stale odours.

car velet

Removal of
Mud & Road Dirt - Spilt Drinks
Vomit & Blood Stains - Food Odours
Oil & Tar Stains - Pet Hairs etc

car velet Leather car seats don't have life easy. Unlike your living room leather sofa, which is kept in a temperature controlled environment, a leather car seat suffers a lot of bad treatment. During the summer months, the leather is baked in the sun, during the winter, the leather gets frozen.
leather cleaning Wet rain coats and dampness in the car also affect the leathers surfaces. Our technicians use proven techniques and solutions to seal your leather and help protect it from the elements. With regular applications, it will keep your leather healthy, clean and protected.

Commercial & Fleet Vehicles

Vehicles used everyday for business get dirty very quickly. Our technicians can visit your fleet individually or arrange a time to clean all of your vehicles at once. Contact us today and get your fleet cleaned up and made presentable to your customers.

How can you benefit from our services?

A clean vehicle shows its a well cared for vehicle.

leather cleaningA clean vehicle shows your customers that you take pride in your work.

A clean vehicle will keep more value.

A clean vehicle will lasts longer.

A clean vehicle IS NICER TO DRIVE!