GBM Carpet CarePlan

Whilst occasional cleaning is sufficient for most customers carpets, many have an underlining problem, lots of visitors!

Visitors leave stains & dirt!

carpet careplan

Entrance hallways, corridors and publicly visited buildings such as pubs, restaurants, shops etc will have a lot of dirty feet walking over them. Occasional cleaning sometimes isn't enough to keep your carpets looking clean and smelling fresh.

If you own a large or multiple premises, our carpet cleaning services are just what you need. We specialise in corporate and industrial cleaning packages. Heavy traffic means heavy dirt. With our Carpet CarePlan, we can arrange a regular cleaning program which fits around your business or opening hours so as to cause the absolute minimum of disruption.

We will put together a cleaning program most suitable for your environment and premises. Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly, we will arrange times and dates to fit around your business or lifestyle.

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The more frequently you use our cleaning services, the cheaper they become.

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